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Trafficking Information Management System

The Trafficking Information Management System (TIMS) is designed to assist OVC Trafficking Service Grantees in gathering, recording, analyzing, and reporting data. This tool can serve as a central repository of information related to all activities under the OVC human trafficking grant initiative and enables OVC grantees to organize, standardize, and centralize data collection efforts on a wide variety of core performance measures.

Collecting, Tracking, and Storing Data

TIMS can operate as a case management tool, collecting and storing client information, including information on services provided to each individual client. In addition, TIMS has the ability to store information on collaborative partner organizations, as well as community outreach and public awareness efforts, technical assistance, and training events. Data collected using the hard-copy data collection forms can be easily populated into TIMS.

Reporting Core Performance Measures

Based on the data entered, TIMS has been designed to generate automated reports of core performance measures for submission to OVC. Also, TIMS provides a standardized mechanism that ensures that all OVC grantees are reporting aggregate data in the same way. This, in turn, helps OVC to report relevant and accurate information about grantee efforts to the Attorney General and other Federal entities working on policy related to human trafficking.

TIMS Online provides:

  • Instant reporting
  • "Live Time" technical support
  • Automatic updates, announcements, and reminders

To familiarize yourself with the system, it is recommended that you read through the User’s Guide before using TIMS Online.

OMB Control Number: 1121-0336 | Date of Expiration: 3/31/2015